Photoshop Text Effects Tutorial

Step 1:

Start by using the "Text" tool to create a new text layer. Select the layer, then right click it, and choose "Blending Options".
Note: You'll need the "Layers" palette open for this step. If it's hidden, you can make it appear by choosing "Layers" from the "Window" menu.
Tip: You can apply this technique to any layer, not just text! Try it on shapes, or apply the effect to a blank layer, then draw on it with the brush tool.

Step 2:

Select "Styles" from the menu on the left, and pick the effect you want to apply to your text.
Tip: Feel free to change the colors, adjust the drop shadow, etc. (just click the menu on the left side to see the settings). Remember, everything is adjustable!

Step 3:

When you're happy with the look, click OK, and your text should now look something like this:
Tip: You can go back into "blending options" at any time to change or adjust the effects.
...And you're done! That's really all it takes! Be sure to experiment with the settings in step two, there's a lot of fun options in there for customizing your effects.
- John Forsythe
Ottawa, Canada
PS: Have questions? Just send me an email: